Best Value Procurement/Performance Information Procurement System Development


  • Dean Kashiwagi, PhD, Fulbright Scholar, PE Arizona State University, United States



performance information, value based selection, performance metrics, past performance information


Best Value Procurement/Performance Information Procurement System (BVP/PIPS) has been developed by Dean Kashiwagi and the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) from 1991 - 2010. BVP/PIPS is a licensed technology from Arizona State University that includes a deductive logic called Information Measurement Theory (IMT), an industry structure model which shapes the PIPS functions, and a process and structure that transfers risk and control to expert vendors. The BVP/PIPS has gone through numerous stages: the performance information centered PIPS (1994-2001); the PIPS testing phase (2001-2005); and the implementation stage (2005-2009); and the theoretical refinement and standardization of BVP/PIPS technology (2010). BVP/PIPS was introduced into the Netherlands in 2005 by a large general contractor Heijmans, the Rijkeswaterstaat, and aggressively proliferated by Scenter and others. BVP/PIPS usage in the Netherlands is modified to fit within the European procurement law. However, the main advantage of PIPS is the IMT based philosophy of minimized management, direction, and control of expert vendors.




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Kashiwagi, D. (2011). Best Value Procurement/Performance Information Procurement System Development. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 3(1), 12.

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