Innovative Technology Is a Key to Facility Management Survival


  • Jacob Kashiwagi, PhD Performance Based Studies Research Group, United States
  • Alfredo O. Rivera, PhD Leadership Society of Arizona, United States



Best Value Approach, Facility Manager, Expertise, Outsource, Leadership, Information Worker


The business environment is rapidly changing. Automation and information systems are eliminating stakeholders out of the supply chain at a dizzying speed. Facility managers (FM) must change to prevent extinction. The path to extinction is clear; outsourcing, followed by loss of benefits, followed by commoditization and abusive work hours and demands. Often a major method of survival is cutting costs which results in poor performance. FM accountability and performance decrease under these conditions. FMs must identify and utilize cutting-edge information system practices that simplify and minimize FMs’ workload and cost, while increasing value and impact. Technology developed at Arizona State University (ASU) over the last 25 years, and now in testing by government and private organizations, allows FMs to become information workers, expand their influence and responsibilities, and cut their costs by 90%. This new FM approach increases capability to lead and deliver all building systems with minimal experience.




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Kashiwagi, J., & Rivera, A. (2020). Innovative Technology Is a Key to Facility Management Survival. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 12(1), 21–29.

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