Implementing Project Schedule Metrics to Identify the Impact of Delays Correlated with Contractors


  • Anthony J. Perrenoud, M.S. Arizona State University, United States
  • Kenneth Sullivan, PhD, MBA Arizona State University, United States



Risk Management, Contractor Delays, Performance Metrics, Schedule Management


Schedule management reduces schedule delays while optimizing positive opportunities to the project timeline. The built industry continues to struggle to capture project metrics that will improve supply chain management. The lack of performance metrics on construction projects filters the actual project performance of the project stakeholders. Contractors can easily be blamed for schedule delays because of the nature of construction projects. A large university capital improvement organization recognizes their lack of performance information and begins implementing a performance measurement system in 2005. The university measurements focus on project impacts to cost, schedule, and quality in hopes that additional information will improve risk management processes. This article reviews the schedule impacts that contractors create within projects. Data was collected directly from both contractor and client project managers of 254 construction projects. Actual delays from contractors were found to be a small percentage of the overall project schedule delays. More than half of the delays that contractors produced were found to be correlated to the material suppliers.




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Perrenoud, A., & Sullivan, K. (2016). Implementing Project Schedule Metrics to Identify the Impact of Delays Correlated with Contractors. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 5(1), 41.

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