Hiring an External Advisor Hydrology at Water Board De Dommel


  • Bas Plehn




best value, designer selection, engineer selection, paradigm shift


Best value PIPS has been introduced in the Netherlands in the procurement of construction systems. The Water Board De Dommel utilized best value PIPS to select engineering consultant services. The test differed from other Dutch tests in that the PIPS process used the pre-award phase before the award phase. The best value selection of engineers also proposes that design firms can compete on value (price and performance). The engineering selection process was much closer to the original BVP/PIPS than the construction phases. The major lesson learned is the BVP/PIPS is a paradigm shift. The success of the test led to the recommendation of more professional services using BVP/PIPS.



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Plehn, B. (2011). Hiring an External Advisor Hydrology at Water Board De Dommel. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 3(1), 112. https://doi.org/10.37265/japiv.v3i1.110