Last updated: 1/28/2020



About the Journal


General Policies

Policies Disclosure


Section Policies

Editorial Notes

no Open Submissions     no Indexed    no Peer Reviewed


Review Article

Should be based on published research articles, and understandable to a non-expert.

yes Open Submissions     yes Indexed    yes Peer Reviewed


Original Research Article

Full-length original research article relating to any of various aspects of performance in, but not limited to, civil engineering, construction, education, and service delivery.

yes Open Submissions     yes Indexed    yes Peer Reviewed


Case Study

Structured article to report a condition / management / result of one or a few individual cases.

yes Open Submissions     yes Indexed    yes Peer Reviewed


Peer Review Process

1. Authors submit original manuscript under one of the following criteria: Review Article, Original Research Article, or Case Study.

2. Chief or Associate Editor(s) determine whether the manuscript meets requirements from authors guideline, scope, and standard of the journal.


  • Manuscript is screened for plagiarism with  iThenticate (CrossCheck plagiarism scanning system from CrossRef). Those that are identified as plagiarized will be returned with a notice for reference.
  • In the case of editors submitting, the manuscript will be handled by other editors who must adhere strictly to the recommendations of external reviewers.

3. Promising manuscript is sent to two independent reviewers. Double-blind review format will take place, meaning the reviewers and authors remain anonymous to each other. Reviewers, however, are asked to disclose any conflicts of interest. Reviewers are asked to kindly complete their review within 30 days, but no longer than two months.

Reviewer’s advice contributes to editor’s decision from the following options:

  • Accepted: Manuscript is accepted as-is.
  • Accepted with Revisions: Manuscript is accepted but requires minor changes to be completed.
  • Resubmit: Manuscript requires major revisions. A new file must be submitted for another round of peer review.
  • Reject: Manuscript is not accepted for publication, either because it was not deemed to be of high enough quality, or the subject matter did not fit this journal.


Formatting Requirements

File Type. PDF or Word format (for first submission) and in Word format (for production).

Manuscript Structure. For original research articles, the Editors mandate the inclusion of following major sections:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results & Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

Author(s) can add subsections as needed.

Correspondence. For questions regarding prospect or pending submission, please contact the Editorial Board via our  Contact Form.