W117 Performance Information in Construction: Summer 2019 Research Roadmap


  • Dean Kashiwagi, PhD, PE Performance Based Studies Research Group
  • Jacob S. Kashiwagi, PhD




construction, automation, research, roadmap, information, performance, w117, best value


The worldwide competitive marketplace is moving toward automation and information systems. The major user of automation is the country of China. By observation, once the user of low-cost labor, the inconsistency results have forced China to become the world’s foremost user of automation. This type of competition is forcing the optimization of supply chains (lower costs and higher performance). W117 has been the leader in the documentation of performance information research and how to utilize the performance information to increase project performance in the CIB.



How to Cite

Kashiwagi, D., & Kashiwagi, J. (2019). W117 Performance Information in Construction: Summer 2019 Research Roadmap. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 11(1), 10 - 20. https://doi.org/10.37265/japiv.v11i1.4

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