Development of the Use of Performance Information


  • Jackson Harare, M.S. SKEMA Business School, France
  • Jacob Kashiwagi, PhD Performance Based Studies Research Group, United States
  • Joseph Kashiwagi, M.S. SKEMA Business School, France



Expert, Expertise, Project Management, Project Performance, Best Value Approach, Procurement, Risk Management, Information Management, Performance Information, Automation


This paper documents the history of the development of performance information [1982-2020], for the delivery of services. It identifies traditional industries as client controlled. In the past, clients utilized a structure of technical professionals who had education, certifications, and experience. Professionals set both policy and structure for their professionalism. The traditional industry does not differentiate between the values of vendors, professionals and stakeholders. This paper identifies that professionals are resistant to using performance information which differentiates. The initial proposal to successfully implement information management was to use automation. However, the industry resisted the automation and the research identified that simplicity and transparency was the only solution. This paper identifies that the Performance Based Studies Research Group’s (PBSRG) success in performance information development was due to a unique design and methodology to research performance information as a disruptive technology. A new methodology called the Information Measurement Theory (IMT) was designed to redefine risk, expertise and information. The major source of validation of the new concepts was joint academic and industry research tests. Three major research tests confirmed that the client creates over 90% of all risk. PBSRG worked with a manufacturing company to design a high-performance roofing program which ended after 16 years due to it being based on client centric concepts. An expert contractor took the lessons learned and maximized the use of performance information with a vendor centric approach.




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Harare, J., Kashiwagi, J., & Kashiwagi, J. (2020). Development of the Use of Performance Information. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 12(2), 11.

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