Use of Customer Satisfaction to Measure Performance of Systems and Contractors: Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Method


  • Dhaval Gajjar, Ph.D. Clemson University, USA



Performance, Information, Customer, Satisfaction, Post-occupancy, Evaluation, Manufacturer


A roofing manufacturer wants to differentiate themselves from other roofing manufacturers based on performance information. However, construction industry has revealed poor performance documentation in the last couple of decades. With no current developed performance measurement model in the industry, two roofing manufacturers approached the research group to implement a warranty program that measures the performance information of their systems and applicators. Moreover, the success of any project in the construction industry heavily relies upon the capability of the contractor(s) executing the project. Low-performing contractors are correlated with increased cost and delayed schedules, resulting in end-user dissatisfaction with the final product. Hence, the identification and differentiation of the high performing contractors from their competitors is also crucial. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe a new model for measuring manufacturer performance and differentiating contractor performance and capability for two roofing manufacturers (Manufacturer 1 and Manufacturer 2) in the roofing industry. The research uses multiple years of project data and customer satisfaction data collected for two roofing manufacturers for over 1,000 roofing contractors. The performance and end-user satisfaction were obtained for over 7,000 manufacturers' projects and each contractor associated with that project for cost, schedule, and quality metrics. The measurement process was successfully able to provide a performance measurement for the manufacturer based on the customer satisfaction and able to identify low performing contractors. This study presents the research method, the developed measurement model, and proposes a performance measurement process that entities in the construction industry can use to measure performance.




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Gajjar, D. (2022). Use of Customer Satisfaction to Measure Performance of Systems and Contractors: Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Method. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 14(1), 8.

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