Recycling Services Using the Best Value Approach


  • Dean Kashiwagi, Ph.D. Kashiwagi Solution Model, Inc., USA
  • Erik Brown American Shredding Inc., USA



Best Value Approach, Procurement, Risk Management, Project Management, Performance Information, Recycling, Services


The Best Value Approach (BVA) has been in research and development for 30 years [1992 – 2022]. The approach has been successfully tested in the procurement of over 2,000 projects [98% customer satisfaction, minimized contractor change orders to 1% and reduced cost of 5 to 30%]. The BVA has been successful in delivering construction projects but has not been tested in the delivery of contractual services. In 2018, a large organization tested the BVA on procuring recycling services. The BVA has two paradigm shifts: a new procurement and project management approach. The new approach minimizes the need for the client to direct and control the vendor and minimizes the need to depend on the relationship between the client and vendor. The BVA replaces the dependence on the relationship with performance information. The performance information creates transparency and minimizes the need for the client to direct and control the vendor. The objective of the BVA is efficiency: to reduce cost and increase profit, revenue and value. The paper tracks the performance of the BVA on recycling service for the first four years of the recycling service [2018 – 2022].




How to Cite

Kashiwagi, D., & Brown, E. (2022). Recycling Services Using the Best Value Approach. Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, 14(1), 56.

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